Sarah E Sears, LCMHC
Psychotherapy and Coaching

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Find your unique life path.

Learn strategies to stay your chosen course.

School, work , relationships, disabilities, transitions, life circumstances. All of these can pose overwhelming challenges.

They can be even more challenging when you have trouble focusing,
getting to places on time, making friends, or managing day-to-day

Maybe you feel so bogged down that you just don’t do anything; maybe
you are stuck in a cycle of procrastination; or perhaps it is the
opposite and you are spinning out of control.  

You know lots of ways to help — to help yourself, your client, or your student — and it’s just not working.

Many of the people who work with me are experiencing similar feelings.   When they walk in my office, they are hoping for change, but they are not sure it’s possible. 

I love watching the people I work with evolve, and I have witnessed
many people get results they are looking for. These might include:

  • New and satisfying approaches to life issues.

  • Clarity about dreams and aspirations and strategies for moving forward.

  • Increased satisfaction within their relationships — family, work, friends.

  • Decrease in symptoms of depression, anxiety, disorganization and/or general feelings of being overwhelmed.

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